Homework 16 Mar 2018

3rd Year Maths: p.329 q2,3

Leaving Certs: For those who got their pre’s today, the following questions are the ones you need to take out to adjust your grade:
Paper 1:
q.3a 10 Marks
q.9 40 marks
Paper II
Q5: 25 Marks
Q8b 15 Marks

5th Years: Easter Test: Tuesday, April 10.
On the first Tuesday back after the holidays there will be a two hour maths test on everything covered so far. Revision work for the next three weeks will be made available here on Tuesday.


Homework 15 Mar 2018

1st Year Maths: p.282 q.1,2,3, p.285 q.3,4,5
3rd Year Maths: p.321-2 q.5,8,9
6th Year Maths: p.103-4 q.8,9,12,14,15. p.136 q.6,7,8
5th Year Maths: p.247-8 q.2,3,5,6

Homework 14 Mar 2018

1st Year Maths: p.280 q.5,6,7,8,9
6th Year Maths: p.100 q.1x,xi,xiii,xvi,xvii,xix, q.2,3i-iv
5th Year Maths: p.244-4 q.3,4,5,8
3rd Year Maths: p.322 q.11,12,13,14


Homework 13 Mar 2018

3rd Year Maths: p.321 q.2,3,6
1st Year Maths: Ask at home: what unit do they use to measure height and weight?
5th Year: p.244 q.2,10,11


Homework 12 Mar 2018

6th Year Maths: p.133 q3,5,8,9
1st Year Maths: p.279 q.1
3rd Year Maths: p.318 q12,13,14
Applied Maths: 2014 q5a
5th Year Maths: p.239 q1i-v


Homework 9 Mar 2018

3rd Year Maths: p.316-7 q.1,6,7
Applied Maths: 2013 2b, 2012 2a, 2011 2a, 2010 2a
5th Year Maths: p.220 q.3,4
1st Year Maths: p.92 q2,3,5,6


Homework 8 Mar 2018

1st Year Maths: Handout: Ex9.1 q.3,4,6,11,14. p.272 Find the median of q.2
3rd Year Maths: p.47 q.7,11,12,13i,ii
5th Year Maths: p.220 q1,2