Homework 3 May 2018

1st Year Maths: Revise for the test
3rd Year Maths: p.214-215 Exam Papers
6th Year Maths: p.264 q10,11,13iii


Homework 2 May 2018

1st Year Maths: Handout q.2,3

Homework 1 May 2018

5th Year Maths: p.257 q.1ii,iii. Learn no. 4
Applied Maths: 2012, 2013 q3b
6th Year Maths: Find a general equation in terms a P,i,t for:
A regular investment of P per annum with an AER of i for t years.
When P is added at the beginning of each year.
p.264 q.4
1st Year Maths: p.24 q.11,15,19