Homework 6 Mar 2018

5th Year Maths: rd p.214-5. p.216 q.1
Applied Maths: 2017 q2b
3rd Year Maths: p.47, q2,4,6


Homework 5 Mar 2018

1st Year Maths: p.273 q5,8, p.274 q.10, p.275 q3. Test Wednesday
5th Year Maths: p.213-4 q14,15,19,20

Homework 27 Feb 2018

5th Year Maths: p.211-213 q.2,7,11,12,16
1st Year Maths: 267 q.7, p.268 q11, p.272 q2


Homework 22 Feb 2018

1st Year Maths: p.207-8 q.4,5


Homework 21 Feb 2018

1st Year Maths: p.214 q2,4,6, p.212 q.9,10
5th Year Maths: p.190 q4


Homework 19 Feb 2018

1st Year Maths: Test on Thursday on Stats and Probability
p.211 q.3,4,7,8
215 q4,5
217, q6,8
Read p. 209 on Data Types
5th Year Maths: p190. Q2


MidTerm Notice

All notes have been updated.

5th Year MidTerm Work: Do the circled questions on the handout which can be downloaded Here. And the solutions are here.