Sixth Year Maths Notice

All notes should now be up to date.

As the LC geometry class only adds a small few extra elements than the JC HL course I am leaving revision of the JC material and learning of the new material to yourselves over the break. Take heed of the Synthetic Geometry Folder above for the JC material and a list of the new material.
This will afford us extra time to spend on the newer, more complicated areas of the course, Number Sequences and Financial Maths. We will, when time allows, spend some time on looking at Geometry exam questions, so you will be prepared for the exam, but learning the content is up to yourselves.

Inferential Statistics
Take particular heed of the Hypothesis test questions and sample solutions, this is a likely 25mk question that is very straightforward once you get over the initial steep learning curve. And due to Orals and absenteeism several of the class need to spend some more time on it.

Second Pre
On Wednesday 26th April (the first Wednesday back) at 8:15am, a second pre will be held.
You can choose on of the two papers and hand it up for correction.
You’ll also get the other paper for completion in your own time, along with the solutions to it.

Extra Classes
There will be no extra classes during Easter, however, after school classes on a Tuesday will continue until the year end, with the first class focusing on Geometry and then focusing on topics of the classes’ choice after that.

Extra Sample Exams
More sample papers were handed out at the last class, the solutions to these can be found in the Revision Menu above.

If you see this message, kindly make the other students in the class aware of it.